Khajur Barfi

Khajur Barfi – a Sticky Date and Dry Fruits slice of Indian sweetmeat

Khajur Barfi is an absolute fuss-free, no-nonsense, one of the simplest recipes that don’t involve too many ingredients or too confusing a cooking technique. It is one of my favourites, essentially cause it’s sugar-free and is so fudgy, caramelly and gooey to taste. It tastes pretty much like a dhodha,

kaju katli

Kaju Katli – with cashews, saffron and cardamom

  Kaju Katli or Kaju Barfi is a worldly popular classic Indian sweet. Kaju Katli recipe essentially has kaju (cashew) of course along with sugar and ghee. It is a beautiful blend of the creaminess of cashews balanced with the sweetness of sugar, a perfect way to cater your sugar cravings


Gajar ka Halwa – Carrot pudding with cardamom, almonds and raisins

Gajar ka Halwa (Carrot Halwa) is the most yearned for dessert in India during the winter season. The more the winter chill, the more the yearn. Us Indians, love our desserts, be it any season, place or occasion. Our meals are incomplete without desserts, may it be phirni, kheer, gulab


Kesari Phirni – Saffron and Pistachio flavoured Rice Pudding

Phirni or firni is a classic sweet dish. It is made with humble ingredients of rice, milk and sugar, perfumed with floral flavor. Phirni is one of the many faces of the ubiquitous kheer and is available in many varieties. Badam kesar Phirni is the traditional flavor, but now-a-days many more

Traditional Drinks


Thandai – a popular festive drink

Its that time of the year. With the onset of the spring season comes the festival of Holi. It signifies the victory of good over evil. Holi is also known as the “festival of colors”, celebrated throughout India by smearing each other with colors. Where there is Holi, there is


Kashmiri Kahwa – a green tea blend with spices, saffron and almonds

Kashmiri Kahwa is an incredible blend of taste, aroma and healthy goodness. It is an exotic mix of green tea leaves, nuts, spices, rose petals, and saffron. Traditionally, it is prepared in a copper kettle known as a Samovar, but you can also prepare it at home in the standard

Mango Saffron Lassi

Mango Saffron Lassi – a traditional indian yoghurt smoothie with mango, saffron and cardamom.

Mango – the king of fruits, the most popular fruit across the world, a superfood with many health benefits. Originated some 4000 years ago in Eastern India, mangoes have been mentioned in mythological texts. Lord Buddha is said to have often meditated under the mango grove. Mangoes are the national

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