South Indian Idli

Idli with sambar and coconut chutney is essentially a South Indian staple but over the years it has become quite popular as a breakfast meal throughout India. Idli, a savoury rice cake, is made by steaming the batter of fermented lentils and rice. It is light, moist, fluffy, a steamyRead More →

Mooli Paratha

Paratha is India’s favorite breakfast option relished throughout the year. It is unleavened flatbread and is a traditional staple in the areas where wheat is grown. The word paratha is derived from the Sanskrit meaning layers of cooked dough. There are many alternative spellings of paratha from parantha, parauntha, prontha,Read More →


Holi is here!! It is one of India’s biggest festival, celebrated throughout the country. Some traditions are just perfect, like the pairing of yummy Gujiya’s along with refreshing thandai’s with the festival of Holi. Gujiya is a crispy, golden brown, soft, sweet, deep-fried dumpling, which is served as a traditionalRead More →


Gajar ka Halwa (Carrot Halwa) is the most yearned for dessert in India during the winter season. The more the winter chill, the more the yearn. Us Indians, love our desserts, be it any season, place or occasion. Our meals are incomplete without desserts, may it be phirni, kheer, gulabRead More →